How to Edit NPAWG pages

It is very easy to modify existing pages! This site only works if YOU contribute and keep it updated.

Quick Instructions (for details click 'Help' top right or contact michelle at

How to Post and Edit:

Edit Pages
  1. Pages are listed on the left.
  2. Click on the name of the page you want to add to or change, then click "Edit" tab at the top right.
  3. This activates the edit window. Make changes directly on the page.
  4. Hit cancel if made mistakes or erased other entries accidentally.
  5. When happy, click "Save" in top tool bar.

Make a Link to a file, image, or outside url

Click "Edit" in top right.
  1. Add descriptive text, highlight the text, then click the link icon in tool bar on top of page.

Upload Files and Images

You need to sign in to upload. Create your own wikispaces account OR use "npawgmember" for both name and pw.

If bigger than 400K, consider adding a link to the file instead of uploading

  1. Click "Edit" top right button, click File icon in tool bar on top of page and follow instructions
  2. Double click uploaded file icon to insert it into the page you are editing.
  3. Click "Save" in tool bar on top if happy.

Messed Up?
Click cancel if you accidentally erased other entries.
If too late, no worries, please contact Michelle asap. Historical pages can be easily retrieved.
michelle at