Photos and Video

This page contains links to pictures, graphics, video, credits and permissions for the use of these files. These meta-data are critical to make sure we properly attribute the media. If file size is bigger than 500K, please consider adding an external link instead.

For each file, please record the following:
- source: who / what agency provided the file
- contact: how can we reach the source (add an email / phone number)
- permissions: can we post and / or print the image
- caption: if an explanation came along with the image, please add it here

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1. Black-footed Albatross Gape

Source: Robert Tizard
Contact: Michelle Hester, michelle [at]
Permission: Educational use only
Credit the photo to Robert Tizard, rjtizard [at]


2. Black-footed Albatross - becalmed at 10 N 130 W

Source: Jo Smith
Contact: josmith [at]
Permission: Educational and Scientific Use
Credit: Jo Smith

3. Ocean Travelers - Interactive Artwork

Source: Oikonos and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary
Contact: michelle at or jennifer.stock at
Permission: Link to for any art or educational use
Credit: Sophie Webb, artwork; Greg Hester, flash design, Oikonos, natural history text, Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, funding

4. Black-footed Albatross
Contact: Louise Blight
Permission: educational
Credit: Louise Blight